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Paris Club Chief Says She’s Confident China Will Join International Debt Relief Effort for Developing Countries

The Chair of the Paris Club of wealthy donor states, Odile Renaud-Basso, is increasingly confident that China will join the broader international effort to provide debt relief to countries facing high levels of economic distress. In Africa, China has an ...

France Announces Plans to Host Africa Summit in 2020

France's ambassador to South Africa, Aurelien Lechevallier, unveiled plans for a new France-Africa Summit that will take place next year in South Africa. He added that president Emmanuel Macron will come to South Africa for the event, which is scheduled for next June. 

France Hopes a Focus on Small Business Will Help it Gain an Advantage Over China in Africa

The French government has urged business leaders and investors at a key summit last week to be bold about investing in Africa. Paris is banking on the potential of small to medium enterprises (SME) to catch up in the race with China. But investors are reluctant to ...

As the US and France Try to Compete with China in Building African Infrastructure, Their Public-Private Financing Model is in Jeopardy

Both France and the United States have been vocal critics of China's state-led infrastructure development model in Africa and the accompanying loans for projects extended by Beijing's policy banks. Fearful that China is using loans to extend political influence along with the fact ...

France Used to Be the Big Player in Senegal. No More. It’s the Chinese.

It wasn't that long ago when France was by far the dominant foreign actor in West Africa. "Francafrique's" once ubiquitous power allowed it to dominate virtually all aspects of political and economic life in its former colonies.

France-Africa Business Forum Opens Amid Questions Over How the French Can Compete Against the Chinese

The two-day Ambition Africa forum that gets underway today at the Ministry of Finance in Paris is intended to inject new energy into French business ventures in Africa that have increasingly been sidelined by Chinese and other competitors on the continent.

U.S. Army Panel Discussion Explores Cultural and ‘Soft Power’ ‘Influences’ of China, Russia, and France in Africa

“Cultural and ‘Soft Power’ ‘Influences’ of China, Russia, and France in Africa” was the topic of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College’s Cultural and Area Studies Office (CASO) first presentation of the school year, Wednesday, Sep. 25, at the Lewis and Clark Center's Arnold Conference ...
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