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A Lot of People Mistakenly Think China’s The Major Funder of Coal Plants Around the World. New BU Report Says That’s Not the Case.

China is indeed the largest government funder of coal power projects around the world, accounting for 50% of coal projects that reached financial closure between 2013 and 2018, according to a new policy brief from Boston University's Global Development Policy Center.

India, China Lead The Way in Delivering on Vaccine Promises For Non-COVAX Commitments

With the Delta variant spreading rapidly across much of the developing world with an acute shortage of vaccines, new attention is being focused on the promises that wealthy countries have made to provide jabs compared to what they've actually delivered. The data tracked by the analytics firm ...

G20 Reps Close Another Meeting Without Any Firm Commitments on Vaccines or Debt Relief For World’s Poorest Countries

In what's becoming a predictable routine, high-level representatives from the world's wealthiest countries get together, express anguish over the rapid spread of COVID-19 in developing countries, issue a call for more equitable distribution of vaccines and then restate longstanding positions that bilateral creditors (read China) and bondholders ...

With an Eye on China, Japanese Foreign Minister Promises More Vaccines and Infrastructure Development in Africa

The Japanese government will play a more prominent role in delivering badly-needed aid and infrastructure, according to Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu (photo). Motegi addressed the issue on Tuesday following a lunch with fellow G20 foreign ministers in Italy. He added that Tokyo ...

Leading Development Experts Try to Decipher the B3W and Whether It Can Present a Viable Alternative to China’s BRI

There's been a lot of discussion since the Group of 7 countries announced the creation of the new Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative. It is nominally intended to help developing countries build badly-needed infrastructure. But B3W also includes an underlying political objective: presenting an alternative, some ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Companies’ “Eat Bitter” Management Style Just Doesn’t Work in Africa

Forget debt traps, Huawei ‘back-doors’ and vaccine diplomacy. They might be the disputes that define our current polarized moment. But I’m willing to bet they won’t have the staying power of the one – the original – dispute that has haunted Chinese engagement with Africa since the late 1990s: labor.

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Two Competing Views of the G7’s B3W vs. China’s BRI

It's been almost a week since the G7 announced its new U.S.-inspired Build Back Better World initiative that aims to channel private capital to build infrastructure in developing countries as part of a broader effort to stem China's influence in this arena.

B3W and the Democracy Issue

One of the interesting divisions emerging from the Biden administration’s campaign to re-energize the G7 and NATO against China is its attempt to divide the world into ‘democracies’ and ‘autocracies,’ and to insist that the two groups are squaring off against each other as if they’re in ...

Biden to Attend G7 Summit With China on His Mind. Africa and Other Developing Regions Need to Brace For What Comes Next.

U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in the United Kingdom on Wednesday ahead of a three-day G7 summit, where confronting China in various arenas will be among the top issues on the agenda. The President hopes he will be able to rally the ...

The Blue Dot Network is Back!

China's rivals in Japan, Australia, and the U.S. have been talking about building some kind of alternative Belt and Road Initiative to compete with Beijing in building infrastructure throughout the developing world. Although they've been long on rhetoric, the three powers, all members of the 

The Rapidly Changing Vaccine Distribution Dynamics: Asia to Get Millions of Jabs While Supplies in Africa Run Low

The politics of global vaccine distribution are intensifying as the world's major democratic powers mobilize their own "vaccine diplomacy" initiatives in a bid to compete head-on with China for influence in strategically vital regions, particularly in Asia. Both 
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