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The China-Mediterranean Observer: Growing Chinese Concern Over Instability in Libya

Every month, CAP features analysis from the ChinaMed Project, a joint research initiative by the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies of Peking University and the Torino World Affairs Institute, part of the TOChina Hub developed by the University of Torino.

China Places Bets on Both Sides of the Libyan Conflict as Part of a New “Non-Aligned” Strategy

China was so traumatized from the 2011 UN-intervention in Libya that led to the death of the country's former ruler Muammar Gaddafi that is employing an entirely new strategy now as the North African country once again descends into all-out civil conflict. ...

China Takes on a More Prominent Role in Mideast & Gulf Politics

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi kicked off his annual tour of Africa in Cairo this week where he met with senior Egyptian leaders to discuss the growing instability in North Africa, the Mideast, and the Persian Gulf.

Reality Check: Africa is an Important Source of Oil for China, But Not THAT Important

With this week's warning from NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg that China's growing presence in key regions like the Middle East, Africa, and even Europe presents a new challenge for the western military alliance, social media quickly saw much discussion about what's motivating China's expanding military and geopolitical ...

China Hardens Stance Against Libya

The Chinese government stepped up its criticism on Thursday of US and European air strikes on Libya. "We believe that the objective of enforcing the U.N. Security Council resolution is to protect humanitarian (objectives) and not to create an even bigger humanitarian disaster,"foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang ...
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