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China To Do More to Make COVID-19 Vaccines Accessible to Developing Countries, Says Xi

President Xi Jinping told attendees of the Boao Forum taking place on China's southern Hainan Island on Tuesday that Beijing will increase the "accessibility and affordability" of vaccines for developing countries. In typical fashion, the President did ...

Health Diplomacy or Health Dependency: A Critical Assessment of China’s Health Aid to Madagascar

Historically, foreign aid projects have long been criticized for creating dependency, prompting some critics to argue that normative foreign aid should be rejected by African recipients altogether for the seemingly inevitable outcomes of increased corruption and dependency. As more than 80% ...

There's a Lot About China's Ties with Madagascar You Probably Don't Know

The Chinese population on the east African island of Madagascar defies many of the poorly-informed, albeit widely-held stereotypes about Chinese migrants on the rest of the continent. First, the community in Madagascar isn't small or isolated. In fact, the Chinese population on the island ...