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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa Scheduled to Receive First Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine Tomorrow

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa will head to the resort city of Victoria Falls tomorrow to receive his first injection of a COVID-19 vaccine produced by Sinovac and kick off the second phase of the country's national vaccination drive.  Last week, 

Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese Nationals in Africa Will Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

China will launch a new program to provide millions of COVID-19 vaccines to its nationals in Africa and elsewhere overseas, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Wang added that Chinese expatriates would be vaccinated either by a Chinese-made jab or one from another country, but either way, ...

From Africa to Asia to the Americas and Even Europe, Countries Scramble for Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccines

Countries across the Global South and now even in Europe scrambled this weekend to source COVID-19 vaccines from pretty much anywhere they could buy them -- which in many cases brought them to China's doorstep. Amid widespread shortages, the European Union ...

Chinese State Media Gloats About Survey Results That Show China is More Popular Than the U.S. in MENA

Chinese state media outlets this weekend touted the findings of a recent Arab Barometer public opinion survey released in January, which showed much higher approval ratings for China compared to the United States. The survey in six Middle East and North ...

If/When Two Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Get Approval From WHO, Demand From Developing Countries Likely to Increase

Two Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines made by Sinopharm and Sinovac are now under evaluation by the World Health Organization to receive the highly prized prequalification (PQ) status. If the Chinese vaccines do receive WHO PQ certification, that could open up vast new ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

What We’ve Lost in the Fire

This weekend was a rough one for South Africa. On Sunday, the country watched as fires around Table Mountain slowly started creeping downhill, towards the beautiful campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT). Soon it was confirmed that the university’s African Studies library, which housed a unique collection of African film, and one of the biggest repositories of historical documents related to Southern Africa, was on fire. Librarians are still trying ...

Desperate to Source COVID Vaccines, Developing Countries Jostle to Buy Chinese Jabs

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa gave voice yesterday to the growing concern in developing countries about wealthy states hoarding COVID-19 vaccines. In his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Ramaphosa accused rich countries of acquiring as much as four times the ...

Egypt Kicks Off National COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Using Chinese-Made Vaccines

After months of promises, controversies, and disputes over how effective they really are, tens of millions of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines are now on their way to developing countries. On Sunday Egypt became the second country in Africa,

China’s Growing Influence in the Mideast & Persian Gulf

China is steadily reducing its dependence on African oil suppliers who once accounted for a third of Chinese crude imports. Today, China buys more oil from Saudia Arabia than any other country in the world. From 2019 to 2020,

China’s Closing More Deals to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines, But None So Far in Sub-Saharan Africa

The list of countries signing up to procure Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines is growing, largely in developing countries, according to the U.S. news site Axios. While there are two African countries on the list, Egypt and Morocco, it's notable that so far no sub-Saharan ...

With UAE Approval, China’s COVID-19 Vaccines Make Their Official International Debut

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday became the first foreign country to officially approve the use of a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine. UAE's health ministry reported that the vaccine made by Sinopharm was 86% effective in phase 3 clinical trials.
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