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Effects of Chinese Economic Slowdown Now Starting to Hit African Countries in Ways Both Large and Small

Commodity exporting countries in Asia and Africa are facing potentially serious economic consequences due to the sharp drop in Chinese industrial production and the subsequent reduction in commodity purchases, warned Moody's Investors Services.

U.S. Tries to Persuade Africa It’s a Credible Alternative to China

The United States regards Africa as a key arena to confront China's rising influence in the developing world. With its new $60 billion International Development Finance Corporation and its Prosper Africa policy framework unveiled last year, the Trump administration is working ...

Increasingly Desperate Cries for Help From Africans Left Behind in China

Kenya joins Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco in evacuating its citizens from the epicenter of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, but hundreds of other Africans, mostly students, are still there amid deteriorating conditions. Forced to remain inside their apartments, the ...

Rebuttal: Clarifying the U.S. Policy Approach Towards Africa

Editor's Note: A number of current and former United States government officials took issue with many of the points that I raised in my recent column on U.S. foreign policy towards Africa ("China's role in Washington's divided, confusing foreign policy towards Africa") and disagreed vehemently both ...

Q&A: China’s Role in Washington’s Divided, Confusing Foreign Policy Towards Africa

Friday's announcement that the United States government will impose travel and visa restrictions on four African countries left a lot of Africa policy observers somewhat perplexed. While there had been rumors for days leading up to the decision that Nigeria was going to be on the ...

Why the Fight to Stop the Coronavirus From Spreading in Africa Begins in China

The following column was originally written as a nine-part Twitter thread on January 28, 2020. This is a full transcript with only minor edits for clarity. As a global development consultancy based in China that offers internships and jobs ...

Across the Continent, African Authorities on High Alert for Coronavirus

African health authorities across the continent are now actively screening passengers at key ports of entries, particularly international airports, to screen passengers for the flu-like symptoms that highlight the deadly coronavirus that has infected thousands in China and killed several dozen people.

Africa Braces for the Arrival of the Wuhan Coronavirus

A number of governments across the continent are proactively ramping up temperature screenings at ports of entry and proactively starting to issue public communications to reassure their publics that, so far, the virus has not made landfall. The glaring exception, though, ...

Nigeria is Right to be Worried About the Wuhan Coronavirus

Nigeria Center for Disease Control Director General Chikwe Ihekweazu is doing his best to reassure constituents that his team is closely following the spread of the deadly coronavirus in China and monitoring to see if it makes its way all the over to Nigeria.

2020 Will be a Big Year in the China-Africa Tech Sector

China's role in the African tech market is rapidly evolving away from just being a source of low-cost electronics to becoming the indispensable player in the continent's rapidly developing market for digital services, networking equipment and venture capital financing.
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