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The China-Mediterranean Observer: Growing Chinese Concern Over Instability in Libya

Every month, CAP features analysis from the ChinaMed Project, a joint research initiative by the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies of Peking University and the Torino World Affairs Institute, part of the TOChina Hub developed by the University of Torino.

Chinese Investors Have a Palpable Sense of Optimism About the African Market That Most Others Just Don’t Seem to Share

Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Aubrey Hruby shared her views about this weekend's "Netpreneur" competition organized by the Jack Ma Foundation in Accra, Ghana where she picked up on the same sense of optimism and excitement about the African market that Chinese investors seem ...

As China & Other BRICS Slow Their Investments in Africa, Turkey Ramps Up

Remember when the BRICS were going to power the global economy? Well, the past few years have not been kind to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. With the exception of India, the other members of this once elite ...
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