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U.S., European Financial Media Struggle to Report the Chinese Debt Story in the Global South

A number of prominent U.S. and European financial news outlets including the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal among others are visibly struggling in their reporting of Chinese debt stories in the Global South. There's a certain formula that's emerged ...

China and the Burgeoning Debt Crisis in Africa

With more than 20 African countries now approaching or confronting debt distress, according to the IMF, a trio of scholars at the London-based international affairs think tank Chatham House mapped out what they think needs to be done to address the situation.

From British Cotton to Zanzibar Pepper — The Promise of Huge Fortunes From the China Market is Still Alluring

Centuries ago early British imperialists recognized the vast potential of the China market. They fantasized that if every Chinese man added just one inch to their shirts, it would have the cotton mills of Manchester spinning for decades. That dream of ...

Global Times Isn’t Happy With the FT’s Report on Chinese Lending in Africa

This week's Financial Times story by Africa Editor David Pilling and Greater China Correspondent Kathrin Hille on the slowdown in Chinese infrastructure lending in Africa provoked a largely favorable response among international audiences but almost no reaction from Chinese stakeholders... until today.

Days Later, The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe is Still Fuming Over Guardian Report

For the second day in a row, the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe took to Twitter to push back, albeit indirectly, at The Guardian (UK) for a report that alleged Chinese mining company Jingding had forcibly evicted residents to make way for a new mine.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Big Chill

Over the last few years, we’ve seen increasing hand-wringing in Western capitals about how the money China is spending in the Global South translates into direct political influence. This week research was published that quantifies the issue.

A new report by Foreign Policy Research Institute tracked how increased Chinese spending (both loans and foreign direct investment) in African countries aligns with those countries’ voting in the United Nations General Assembly ...

China’s African Debt Experiment

The Financial Times today published a deep dive into the issue of Chinese lending to African countries and what struck me was how it crystallizes some of the underlying issues that aren’t necessarily made clear in the debt debate. ...

Financial Times Explores the Current State of Chinese Lending in Africa

Last year's controversy surrounding the fate of the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and the (incorrect) allegation that it risks being seized by Chinese creditors is the subject of a new in-depth report by two prominent Financial Times journalists, Africa Editor David Pilling and ...

The Social Media Managers Who Run Chinese Diplomatic Twitter Accounts in Africa Are Getting More Creative

The Chinese social media manager who runs the embassy Twitter account in Harare had a bit of fun playing on the word "Guardian" in their denunciation of a recent Guardian (UK) report that alleged forced evictions of residents in Zimbabwean mining zones managed by ...

Following Its Rather Dismal Coverage of FOCAC, the BBC Goes Back to Basics For Wang’s Africa Tour

The BBC used the occasion of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's three-nation African tour last week to reset its coverage of China-Africa relations. This follows a dismal performance during last December's FOCAC conference, when it sparked international criticism for poorly editing the comments of ...

China Grabs on to Deborah Brautigam’s Frustration With the BBC

The Chinese government and state media have picked up on the controversy that erupted last week when Professor Deborah Brautigam, director of the China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, complained on Twitter that the BBC had edited her comments on allegations of 'Chinese debt-trap ...
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