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The News Feed is a curated selection of the most important China-Africa news edited by CAP’s editors in Asia and Africa.

Wang Yi Press Conference Provides Insights Into China’s Foreign Policy Agenda in the Year Ahead

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaking by video link to reporters in Beijing. Image via China News Service.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave a wide-ranging press conference in Beijing yesterday on the sidelines of the ongoing National People’s Congress, the annual rubber-stamp parliamentary event, that provided some of the clearest ...

Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese Nationals in Africa Will Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

AFP / Yasuyoshi CHIBA
China will launch a new program to provide millions of COVID-19 vaccines to its nationals in Africa and elsewhere overseas, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Wang added that Chinese expatriates would be vaccinated either ...

Online Tool: COVID-19 Chinese Vaccine Distribution Tracker

The team at the privately-run Beijing-based development consultancy Bridge Beijing launched a new interactive online tool to track global sales and donations of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines. Information is updated weekly. Check ...

China’s #2 at the Embassy in Zimbabwe Gets in a Twitter Feud Over Vaccines With Opposition Youth Leader and Media

The outspoken Minister Counsellor (similar to the role of Chargé d’Affaires at other embassies) at the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang, got into a high-profile Twitter smackdown with a youth leader from the opposition ...

The Economist Intelligence Unit Mapped Out Chinese Trade and Investment in Africa

The London-based Forecast Director for the Economist Intelligence Unit, Agathe Demarai, has been posting quite a bit lately on China-Africa issues, albeit with varying degrees of accuracy (her assertion that Africa as ...

South African Retailers Under Pressure to Ensure Supply Chains Free of Xinjiang Cotton

File image of a Uyghur worker in a Taklamakan Desert, south of Urumqi, capital of China's far west Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in Central Asia. AFP PHOTO/Frederic J. BROWN
South Africa’s major retailers are under scrutiny from civil society groups to ensure their supply chains do not contain any apparel products that use cotton from China’s Xinjiang autonomous region. There are well-documented concerns that ...

Anti-Colonial Liberation Ideology Still Very Important in the Chinese Framing of Its Ties With Africa

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunyin posted a tweet on Sunday that reveals how important the anti-colonial liberation struggles of the 1960s and 70s are in today’s framing of Beijing’s ties with Africa. With the ...

South African Police Seize Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Imported From China

Image via Interpol.
Three Chinese and one Zambian national are now in custody in Johannesburg after South African police raided a warehouse containing 2,400 doses of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines that were allegedly smuggled from China, ...

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive in Guinea

TWEET TRANSLATION: Guinea received 200,000 doses of vaccines from China. "This symbolizes the President's commitment to protect the Guinean population, particularly the men and women on the front lines of this struggle."
Guinea on Wednesday received a donation of 200,000 Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine doses from China as it seeks help from multiple sources to halt the spread of the coronavirus, according to foreign affairs ...

With the Two Sessions Now Underway in Beijing, Chinese Diplomats in Africa Extend Their “Legislative Greetings”

Chinese ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zhu Jing, speaking with the head of the DRC's national assemble Christophe Mboso.
China’s largest legislative event of the year is now underway in Beijing where 5,000 delegates from the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress (NPC) are meeting in what’s become known ...

3 Tips for African Negotiators Doing Deals with China

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari (L) speaks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) during their meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 13, 2016. KENZABURO FUKUHARA / AFP / POOL
Two of the world’s leading experts in China-Africa negotiations, Hervé Lado, Guinea country manager at the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and Folashadé Soulé, a senior research associate at the University of Oxford, led a workshop ...

From Ideology to Economics: The Evolution of China-Zambia Ties

Zambian President Edgar Lungu (L) meets and greets Chinese workers from Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC Intl) during a walk on September 15, 2018 on a major road in Lusaka, Zambia. DAWOOD SALIM / AFP
China’s relations with Zambia date back to the Mao era in the 1960s and in many ways serve as the foundation of Beijing’s broader engagement on the continent today. Dr. Emmanuel Matambo of the Africa-China ...

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Attacks U.S. Over Media “Lies” and “Fake News”

File image of Chinese ambassador to Liberia Ren Yisheng.
China’s ambassador to Liberia Ren Yisheng used his keynote speech at the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony in Monrovia to mount a lengthy critique of the United States. Ambassador Ren went through ...

Rich Countries Give IMF the Green Light to Boost Funding Through New Special Drawing Rights

File image of International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. Brendan Smialowski / AFP
The IMF moved one step closer on Tuesday to providing developing countries with a badly-needed cash infusion after the fund was granted approval by wealthy G20 nations to proceed with the issuance ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China, Africa and the Internet, Again

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa recently discussed African elections and, not surprisingly, the conversation became about China. 

The lawmakers latched on to a narrative that the Chinese Communist Party is actively trying to use Chinese technology provision to foster authoritarianism on the continent. There are indeed worries about the way some African governments are using the internet to crack down on opposition, and the prominence of companies ...

Vaccine Crossroads

At present we’re in a moment of both hope and fear. The vaccines are finally rolling out, and with them, we’re seeing a glimmer of a post-COVID world. But is that only a mirage? The decisions that will decide that answer are being made now. A key one will be how to get a global rollout to happen faster. The longer it takes, and the more piecemeal it is, the more ...

China Benefits from the West’s Shortsighted Vaccine Policy

Focusing on China-Africa issues on a daily basis now means a daily dose of vaccine news (in lieu of an actual vaccine dose.) This morning I gamely waded into a great new Slate explainer on the vaccine crisis, only to promptly lose my mind. The article outlined how rich countries aren’t only hoarding vaccines, but using deals with pharmaceutical companies to weaken the COVAX alliance and blocking the production of cheap generics to ...

“Them” But Also “Us”

The recent striking images of Texans stuck in freezing temperatures without electricity and queueing for water. 

I felt much solidarity with them, especially when a blackout in Johannesburg made it impossible for me to join Eric in a fascinating conversation with Rasheed Griffith on the China in Africa Podcast.

The reaction within the United States was varied, but a key one was summed up in a tweet thread by the superstar political scientist ...

Our COVID Conundrum

We face a massive conundrum: while more and more global problems are coming our way, almost all our problem-solving power remains ensnared by the apparatus of the nation state. 

States are inherently insular, and self-obsessed. The mythos of an imagined community, which galvanizes people who have never met into thinking of themselves as ‘a people’ depends on this insularity. This makes the modern nation state particularly weak as a tool ...

If China’s Vaccine Rollout Is the New Normal, What Was the Old Normal?

It’s true, if redundant, to point out that if 2020 was the year of COVID-19, 2021 is shaping up as year of the vaccine. 

Like every aspect of the pandemic, the vaccine rollout acts like an x-ray, revealing the bones of the international system. It’s not a pretty picture. 

The emerging centrality of China in the provision of vaccines to the majority of the world is causing hand-wringing among diplomats ...

Inclusion Talk and Its Limits

On Friday, the official White House Twitter account posted a brief video featuring a message from President Joe Biden to the African Union. In the message he expresses support for the AU summit, and solidarity with the peoples of Africa in dealing with crises like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, the measured and inclusively mainstream tone of the message was comfortingly familiar. It made me miss Jennifer Lopez ...

Linda Thomas-Greenfield and Washington’s China-Africa Groupthink

This week’s confirmation hearing for Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s to become the next United States ambassador to the United Nations provided a glimpse of how Africa might be dragged into growing tensions between the U.S. and China. Thomas-Greenfield faced hostile questioning about a speech she gave in 2019, in which she called for triangular cooperation between China and the U.S. to boost African development. Commentators breathlessly seized on the fact that the speech ...

What did Xi Jinping Really Say at Davos?

It’s fascinating to read Xi Jinping’s address to the World Economic Forum and then to read the comments about the speech. What U.S. commentators focus on, and what they ignore, reveal much about the challenges posed by China’s rise to established powers like the United States.The commentarypieces from Westernauthors I’ve seen focused on Xi’s warnings about the dangers of a new Cold War, and his call to revitalize multilateralism. Some also ...

The Full Picture: China, Africa, and the Global South

The last year has seen the China-Africa space undergoing massive changes. The impacts of COVID-19, the pandemic-induced debt crisis and rapid shifts in Chinese financing to Africa have shifted some of the core assumptions underlying what we think of as ‘China-Africa relations.’

However, there is an even bigger trend, a more fundamental shift that’s changing not only how we think about China-Africa relations, but reshaping our very thinking about the ...

Why the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights May Not Actually Be That Special

File image of the International Monetary Fund headquarters in Washington, D.C. SAUL LOEB / AFP
While a number of African finance ministers will no doubt be thrilled to hear the news that the IMF is finally making progress with the issuance of new Special Drawing Rights, two leading Africa scholars ...

Zimbabwe’s Former Ambassador to China is Sworn in as Foreign Minister

Zimbabwe’s new foreign minister, Frederick Shava, is a former longtime envoy to China, ties that will likely come in handy in his new position as Harare seeks to engage Beijing on debt, COVID-19 vaccines and ...

The U.S., China, Russia, and the UAE All Competing For Greater Access to Sudan’s Red Sea Ports

TWEET TRANSLATION:I am honored to welcome the USS Winston Churchill in Port Sudan. This historic visit shows the United States’ support for the democratic transition in Sudan and our desire for a new era of ...

Chinese EV Technology Powers New Green Bike and Bus Projects in East Africa

Image via United Nations Environment Programme
Two projects in East Africa highlight China’s growing role in the region’s electric transportation sector: KENYA: The Shenzhen Shenling Car Company Limited donated 49 electrified motorbikes for a new pilot project to replace gas-powered ...

China Becomes a Major Focus in U.S. House Hearing About Elections in Africa

China emerged as a prominent theme at a virtual hearing on Tuesday convened by the U.S. House of Representatives’s foreign affairs subcommittee on Africa to discuss what the U.S. can do to better support democracy ...

Pressure Mounting on U.S. and European Governments to Ease IP Restrictions on Vaccines — Both to Relieve Vaccine Inequity and to Counter China, Russia

Calls are growing louder in the U.S. and Europe for those governments to waive intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines so developing countries would be able to manufacture their own jabs and narrow ...

China’s Vaccine Distribution Campaign Now Extends to the Military With PLA Donation to the Philippines Army

The Philippines Army began inoculations of its forces this week using a batch of Sinovac COVID-19 jabs donated by the People’s Liberation Army. So far, the PLA’s vaccine donations have been confined to Asia where ...

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From Asia to Africa to the Americas, China is Shaping the Vaccine Narrative With a Steady Stream of Powerful Images

The optics of China’s COVID-19 distribution around the world. U.S. & European governments have yet to deploy an effective strategic communications plan to rival this kind of visual messaging that’s been very effective to date ...

Researchers Want Official Washington to Know That China’s Actually Doing Quite a Bit to Relieve the Debt Problem in Africa

While U.S. policymakers are trying to come up with a new, more effective approach to challenge China’s engagement in Africa, a trio of scholars at the Washington, D.C.-based China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University ...

Brautigam: Influence and Investment, Not Asset Seizures Are the Primary Drivers of Chinese Lending in Africa

China-Africa Research Initiative Director Professor Deborah Brautigam spoke recently with acclaimed Harvard researcher William Overholt in what was a fascinating discussion about the complexities surrounding the Chinese debt issue in Africa. Professor Brautigam ...

New Railway in Nigeria to Push Up the Country’s Debts to China

Although Chinese loans account for just 11.28% of Nigeria’s external debt stock, a senior advisor to President Buhari warned this weekend that figure is likely to go up if/when the China Exim Bank ...

U.S., European Claims That the BRI Is in Trouble Are Way Overblown, Says Prominent Chinese Scholar

Hu Biliang, dean of the Belt and Road School, Beijing Normal University
The sharp drop in Chinese overseas development finance lending documented by Boston University’s Center for Global Policy Development among others has prompted critics of Beijing’s Belt and Initiative in the United States and Europe to ...

IMF Chief Sounds Optimistic About the Prospect of New SDRs But Sidesteps U.S.-China Tensions That Are in the Way

File image of International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. Brendan Smialowski / AFP
IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva echoed the growing optimism in some parts of Washington about the possibility of issuing new so-called Special Drawing Rights — effectively a cash injection by the IMF to all of its members ...

Washington’s Former Top Diplomat For Africa: “China’s Kicking Our Tails Everywhere”

Tibor Nagy, the top U.S. diplomat for Sub-Saharan Africa under ex-President Trump, re-surfaced for the first time since he left Washington in January. Nagy published a column in a local Texas newspaper calling on the ...


China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Qinnan He, Larrissa Leung, Linyi Xia and Xuewen Zhang (Authors listed alphabetically, this research article has been authored equally).

“I’ll share you a girl’s story. She’s 35 now with 9 children after being forced to marry at 14. Her mom and dad died when she ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

Almost 15 years ago, allegations were beginning to emerge that China influences African elections. The case in point was Zambia. China became a hot campaign issue in Zambia’s 2005 elections. The opposition, led by Michael ‘King Cobra’ Sata, never missed an opportunity to lash out at then incumbent, Patrick Mwanawasa, over ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows He Ye, 17, Shenzhen College of International Education Ruining Liu, 17, Capital Normal University High School, Liangjing Yi, 17, Shude High School Dujiangyan Foreign Language Experimental School and Xia Zhao, 18, Northfield Mount Hermon School

In the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report released by the ...

By China House Fellows Jinhao Bai, Yi Cheng, Jiasui Xie, Ruoyu Yan

“If we want to confront the issue of racism, everyone needs to take their share of responsibility. This ‘everyone’ includes you, me, and all the other individuals living in this planet.“

                                                                                         –A Guinean Student in Guangzhou

Across ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Fellows Andy Zhang, Jie Cang, Ziyu Lin and Yirong Xu

“We don’t want gifts and apologies: We want our dignity…We have fractured this world.” – Kevin, student

“But I thought racism doesn’t exist in China…it wasn’t embarrassing, it was dehumanizing.” – Iris, teacher

Born and raised in ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Xinjian Lyu, Chenxing Ji, Yuncheng Chi, Shizhen Gu

Guangzhou, one of the most developed cities in China, has become a popular place among foreign immigrants. The majority of immigrants here in Guangzhou are Africans who seek better business opportunities.

According to the data on we-medias, ...

By China House Student Fellows Houming Ling, Lynn Yuhan Pan, Meng Zhao and Zach Ziye Zhang

“The African community in Guangzhou is on edge after widespread accounts were shared on social media of people being left homeless this week, as China’s warnings against imported coronavirus cases stoke anti-foreigner sentiment.”CNN Journalists ...

Vyshnav Menon,

21, Australian National University, Australia

Needless to say, the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. With the world in situ, supply chains and the movement of goods and people have come to an abrupt pause. This has caused severe implications onto the pace and scope of the Belt ...

Gioia Serena Wang,

17, Wellington College International Shanghai, China

In the fall of 2010, East China Normal University launched the International Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy program co-sponsored by UNESCO and China’s Ministry of Commerce. The one-year master program endorsed by China’s Ministry of Education taught participants via lectures and seminars educational development skills such as policy research ...

China is Absolutely Destroying the Competition in the Global Battle Over Vaccine Optics

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the latest head of state to take part in what’s become a very effective Chinese propaganda campaign by rolling up his sleeve for a high-profile ...

200,000 Chinese Vaccines Land in Algeria

TWEET TRANSLATION: Chinese vaccines arrive in Algeria.
Algeria’s national vaccination drive, already up and running, got a shot in the arm on Wednesday with the arrival of 200,000 Sinopharm jabs donated by China. Algiers kicked off its vaccination campaign last month using ...
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