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The News Feed is a curated selection of the most important China-Africa news edited by CAP’s editors in Asia and Africa.

Congolese Reflect on the Stark Contrast Between the Violence in Washington and Wang Yi’s Visit to Kinshasa

Wednesday was a day of sharp contrasts for Congolese looking at the United States and China from afar. While pro-Trump extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol, China’s Foreign Minister was in Kinshasa signing deals and relieving ...

The ECFR’s Theodore Murphy Proposes a Radical Idea For How Europe Can Catch Up to China’s C19 Vaccine Outreach in Africa

Members of Alibaba's logistics division Cainiao pose in front of an Ethiopian Airlines jet to mark a new vaccine distribution partnership. Photo: handout.
It’s now plainly evident that wealthy countries are hoarding COVID-19 vaccines for their own populations at the expense of millions of people in poor, developing countries will have been pushed to the back of the ...

African Businesses in China: Meet Ghanaian Tech Entrepreneur Charles Cyril Nettey

Shanghai-based China-Africa watcher Heather Li published the second installment in her new video series that profiles young African entrepreneurs in China. In this episode, she introduces us to Charles Cyril Nettey from Ghana who founded ...

In a Surprise Move, Kenya’s Safaricom Suspends Its Huawei-Powered 5G Roll Out

Kenya’s largest telecom operator, Safaricom, announced on Tuesday that it will suspend deployment of its new Huawei-powered fifth-generation (5G) mobile network. The news came as a surprise to many, given that ...

After Upbeat Meeting With President Buhari, Wang Yi Leaves Nigeria For the DR Congo

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday before leaving for the Democratic Republic of the Congo as part of the FM’s five-nation week-long Africa ...

Chinese Media Coverage of Wang’s Visit Sticks Closely to Official Talking Points

Chinese official media coverage of Wang Yi’s visit to Nigeria closely adhered to the Foreign Ministry’s three priorities for its policy in Africa: 1) vaccine cooperation, 2) economic recovery and 3) ...

Editorial: Nairobi Expressway Toll Deal With Chinese Contractor Risks Creating Another “White Elephant”

The new Nairobi Expressway that's being constructed by the China Road and Bridge Corporation. Image via @NrbXpressway_Ke.
The Business Daily Editorial Board warned the government that the proposed toll road pricing scheme for the new 27km Nairobi Expressway jeopardizes the financial stability of the project and risks creating another “white elephant” like ...

China’s Closing More Deals to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines, But None So Far in Sub-Saharan Africa

A package of the experimental vaccine test for the COVID-19 coronavirus is pictured at the Quality Control Laboratory at the Sinovac Biotech facilities in Beijing. NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP
The list of countries signing up to procure Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines is growing, largely in developing countries, according to the U.S. news site Axios. While there are two African countries on ...

Everybody Seems to Agree That Chinese Overseas Lending is Decreasing… But By How Much?

Analysts Agatha Kratz and Matthew Mingey from the China-focused research firm Rhodium Group challenged the findings of a controversial dataset produced by Boston University’s Global Policy Development Center. While Kratz and ...

It’s Not Entirely Clear if CGTN’s New Branding Campaign is Promoting a Country or a TV Channel

If you didn’t know anything about CGTN, China’s state-run international television network, it’d be easy to mistake their new promotional spot as a slickly-produced commercial for the Chinese government’s engagement in Africa. Images of ...

Wang Yi’s Low-Profile Visit to Nigeria

File image of China's State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi waves as he leaves a joint news conference with his Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegi (not in picture) in Tokyo on November 24, 2020. ISSEI KATO / POOL / AFP
Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi wrapped up the first day of his weeklong tour to five Africa countries in the Nigerian capital Abuja on Monday. Wang made no public appearances and instead met with ...

While Wang Yi is in Town, Nigeria FM Also Meets With Huawei Delegation

Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama met with a visiting delegation from the local office of the Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei on Monday, the same day that he also welcomed visiting ...

A China-Africa Angle Makes Its Way Into the Senate Run-Off Election in Georgia

Two conservative U.S. media outlets, Breitbart News and the National Review, used Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossof’s role in producing a 2015 China-Africa documentary for Al Jazeera ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

How Will Biden Shake Up Africa Relations? Let’s Watch

Tomorrow, the whole world’s eyes will be on the inauguration of Joe Biden. Stepping into a moment of unprecedented domestic crisis, he will probably have relatively little bandwidth for Africa. Indications are that the Biden administration plans to steer away from the Trump era’s unilateralism. While the incoming Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs hasn’t been confirmed yet, many State Department appointments have been filled by veterans from the Obama era. ...

Unpacking the Chinese Government’s New Development Vision

This weekend the Chinese government released a new white paper on development. It comes in unassuming guise – it’s basically a MS Word Doc with the workaday title of China’s International Development Cooperation in the New Era. But in its own way it’s eye-popping.If (like me) you have an irrational fetish for long lists of country names, this document is for you. The bulk of the white paper outlines the different kinds of ...

China’a Confusing, Contradictory Environmental Agenda

While scrolling today I came across this great piece by the China expert and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, laying out the wider implications of China’s much-discussed commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

Rudd points out that one of the factors complicating China’s emergence as a global leader on climate is the difficulty of balancing the international demand for responsible climate leadership with domestic pressure to shield the numerous companies ...

What It Was Like to Watch the Insurrection in the U.S. From South Africa

Lordeee…I went to bed early on Wednesday night, only to wake up to a full screen of notifications from the New York Times, and pictures of horned men storming the US Capitol. On the edge of the world in Johannesburg, I’m struck by the fact that these events took place in the same week as the mass arrest of pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong. On African Twitter, some are comparing the events in the U.S. and Hong Kong ...

Jack Ma’s Disappearance Is a Setback For Chinese Soft Power in Africa

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in Africa at the moment. It has become a multi-decade tradition that the FM’s first foreign trip of the year is always to Africa. These trips are arguably less important for what they achieve (although announcements of new deals frequently follow) and more for projecting a sense of constancy in the China-Africa relationship.

In Chinese official rhetoric, the China-Africa relationship is always strong, yet ...

The Optics of Leadership in the COVID-19 Era

As 2020 crawls to its end, it’s becoming clear that, all things considered, China is emerged from the year’s nested crises in better shape than many expected. 

While Europe and Japan seem headed to new slumps, and the American recovery also being buffeted by high infection numbers, China might end up being the only major economy to show any growth in 2020.

China is making use of this opportunity by positioning itself ...

China and the Dirty Secrets of ‘National Development’

The Financial Times today cited new work by scholars at Boston University on the global reduction of Chinese lending. The big story is that while Chinese lending rivaled that of the World Bank by the mid-2010s, it’s now plummeting.

China Development Bank and the Import-Export Bank lent $75 billion in 2016. Last year they only lent $4 billion. These rates are being driven down by shifts in strategy in Beijing, growing ...

There Are Valuable Lessons For African Policymakers in the China-Australia Feud

The Guardian this week published a fascinating analysis of how the increasing diplomatic tensions between China and Australia could impact Africa. There are fears that recent Chinese crackdowns on Australian wine, barley, coal, and other commodities could be visited on the country’s exports of iron ore.Australia provides 60% of China’s iron ore imports. Iron ore is key to China’s massive steel industry, and its plans for achieving full, comprehensive development by the ...

How Long Can African Leaders Keep Repeating Themselves on Debt?

This week saw yet another African leader (this time my own president, Cyril Ramaphosa,) calling for international measures to soften the current debt crisis confronting poor countries in Africa and beyond. None of these measures are outrageous. Considering that seven out of the top 10 fastest-growing economies in 2020 are African, it doesn’t even need to be seen as as measures to help Africa – it could be framed as ...

It’s Not All Gloomy

The last few weeks have been marked by a pervasive gloominess about Africa’s future. 

As Zambia was defaulting on its Eurobond debt, the G20 was praising itself effusively for coming up with a debt response unlikely to help anyone. Meanwhile, the depressing talking points kept coming: a lost decade, 25 years of growth down the drain, millions pushed back into extreme poverty. 

These are all realities. However, they might not show the entire ...

Gyude Moore: “The Success or Failure of the AfCTA Will Be on Us and Us Alone”

On January 1, the long-held dream of creating a pan-African free trade zone became a reality with the launch of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA). What makes this project unique, according to Center ...

China Outlines Three Priorities For Its Ties With Africa in 2021

The Chinese government is laying out the key themes that will be discussed at the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation leaders’ summit that is scheduled to be held sometime this year in Dakar, Senegal. 

Reuters: Suspected Chinese Hackers Stole AU Surveillance Video

For the second time in two years, China is being accused of spying on the headquarters of the African Union. A new report published today by the Reuters news service alleges that suspected ...

New Allegations That China Spied on the AU Spark a Flashback to Similar Accusations in 2018

Exterior of the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP
Reuters’ exclusive report that suspected Chinese hackers penetrated the African Union’s IT networks to siphon off data prompted many to think “uh oh, here we go again,” and recalling similar accusations back ...

Second Batch of Chinese-Vaccines Arrive in Cairo

Photo via Sinopharm.
A second batch of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Cairo on Tuesday, according to a report in the Egypt Today newspaper. Altogether, the Chinese have shipped 100,000 doses to Egypt over the past ...

Analyst: China Will Diversify Iron Ore Buys From Australia, Brazil To Guinea in West Africa

Peter O’Connor, a senior analyst of metals and mining at the Australian investment firm Shaw and Partners, said out loud on CNBC what many people have been quietly thinking: that the natural progression of China’s ...

Vlog: How Africans in China Challenge Stereotypical Views on African Migration

Hong Kong-based Lingnan University Assistant Professor Roberto Castillo, one of the world’s foremost scholars on the African diaspora in China, published a new vlog that previews a number of the key themes ...

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The Once Frenetic Debate Over Chinese Debt in Africa Has All But Disappeared

China’s top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa, Wu Peng, posted a tweet today that restated China’s often-repeated position about its commitment to implement the G20’s Debt Service Suspension Initiative and to help “alleviate debt ...

Ambassador Zhou Pingjian: China’s Tried Its Best to Meet Kenya’s Request on Loans

China's ambassador to Kenya Zhou Pingjian
The Nation’s Senior Diplomatic Writer, Aggrey Mutambo, sat down with China’s ambassador to Kenya for a wide-ranging interview that covered access to Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines, next year’s FOCAC summit in Dakar, and how Beijing will ...

China, Debt and the Future of Kenya

The investigative series Africa Uncensored broadcast a riveting one-hour documentary on Kenyan national TV last night that explored the country’s ballooning national debt. The program highlighted how, as Kenya’s largest bilateral creditor owning an estimated ...

African Diplomats in China Are Spending a Lot More Time These Days Talking About The Belt and Road Initiative

Ethiopia’s ambassador to China, Teshome Tog Chanaka, shared his enthusiasm on Twitter Tuesday about his participation in the latest forum on how to integrate Africa into the Belt and Road. The event was ...

Nigerians Share First Impressions of The New Chinese-Built Lagos to Ibadan Railway

Passengers have had a week to try out Nigeria’s brand new Chinese-built standard gauge railway that links Lagos to Ibadan. The new service is operating on a limited schedule with just two trains a day ...

Billions of New FDI Flowing Into West Africa. Where’s the Chinese Money Going?

Source: National Bureau of Statistics and Nairametrics
$1.46 billion of new foreign direct investment made its way to Nigeria in the third quarter of 2020, according to new data from the National Bureau of Statistics, but very little is coming ...

Deborah Bräutigam: China Likely To Partner With the WHO For C19 Vaccine Distribution in Africa

China is working closely with Ethiopia, Egypt, and likely other African countries to lay the groundwork to deliver millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the continent. With the new cold-chain air ...


China House Student Fellows,

Various schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Qinnan He, Larrissa Leung, Linyi Xia and Xuewen Zhang (Authors listed alphabetically, this research article has been authored equally).

“I’ll share you a girl’s story. She’s 35 now with 9 children after being forced to marry at 14. Her mom and dad died when she ...

Amodani Gariba,

22, Koforidua Technical University, Ghana

Almost 15 years ago, allegations were beginning to emerge that China influences African elections. The case in point was Zambia. China became a hot campaign issue in Zambia’s 2005 elections. The opposition, led by Michael ‘King Cobra’ Sata, never missed an opportunity to lash out at then incumbent, Patrick Mwanawasa, over ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various schools, China

By China House Student Fellows He Ye, 17, Shenzhen College of International Education Ruining Liu, 17, Capital Normal University High School, Liangjing Yi, 17, Shude High School Dujiangyan Foreign Language Experimental School and Xia Zhao, 18, Northfield Mount Hermon School

In the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report released by the ...

By China House Fellows Jinhao Bai, Yi Cheng, Jiasui Xie, Ruoyu Yan

“If we want to confront the issue of racism, everyone needs to take their share of responsibility. This ‘everyone’ includes you, me, and all the other individuals living in this planet.“

                                                                                         –A Guinean Student in Guangzhou

Across ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various schools, China

By China House Fellows Andy Zhang, Jie Cang, Ziyu Lin and Yirong Xu

“We don’t want gifts and apologies: We want our dignity…We have fractured this world.” – Kevin, student

“But I thought racism doesn’t exist in China…it wasn’t embarrassing, it was dehumanizing.” – Iris, teacher

Born and raised in ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Xinjian Lyu, Chenxing Ji, Yuncheng Chi, Shizhen Gu

Guangzhou, one of the most developed cities in China, has become a popular place among foreign immigrants. The majority of immigrants here in Guangzhou are Africans who seek better business opportunities.

According to the data on we-medias, ...

By China House Student Fellows Houming Ling, Lynn Yuhan Pan, Meng Zhao and Zach Ziye Zhang

“The African community in Guangzhou is on edge after widespread accounts were shared on social media of people being left homeless this week, as China’s warnings against imported coronavirus cases stoke anti-foreigner sentiment.”CNN Journalists ...

Vyshnav Menon,

21, Australian National University, Australia

Needless to say, the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. With the world in situ, supply chains and the movement of goods and people have come to an abrupt pause. This has caused severe implications onto the pace and scope of the Belt ...

Gioia Serena Wang,

17, Wellington College International Shanghai, China

In the fall of 2010, East China Normal University launched the International Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy program co-sponsored by UNESCO and China’s Ministry of Commerce. The one-year master program endorsed by China’s Ministry of Education taught participants via lectures and seminars educational development skills such as policy research ...

French-Chinese Business Cooperation in Africa

Last month the China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI) at Johns Hopkins University hosted a French-language webinar that explored Franco-Chinese business cooperation in Africa. The discussion was conducted in French but now 

How U.S.-Africa Policy Is Adapting To Competition With China

Recently, the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center and the Policy Center for the New South launched a pair of reports on external power competition in Africa, with one focused on traditional powers and the other on ...
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