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The News Feed is a curated selection of the most important China-Africa news edited by CAP’s editors in Asia and Africa.

Scandal, Low Ticket Sales Plague Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway

The embattled Chinese-financed and constructed Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya that now faces a critical test as to whether it will be able to survive the worsening economic crisis. TONY KARUMBA / AFP
Bad news keeps piling up for the multi-billion dollar Chinese-financed and constructed Standard Gauge Railway network, the centerpiece of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ambitious infrastructure development agenda.

Tweet of the Day: It’s Been a Good Week for Huawei in Africa

Just days after Safaricom acting CEO Michael Joseph brushed off U.S. concerns about using Huawei equipment on its new 5G network in Kenya, the Chinese telecom giant also received good press in ...

“Washington Can do Better Than China-bashing and Travel Bans”

One week after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up his three-nation African tour, a number of reviews considering the direction of Washington’s current foreign policy in Africa are just coming in. There’s an ...

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Recent Trip to Africa Didn’t Make a Lot of News… And That’s a Good Thing

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa on February 19, 2020. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / POOL / AFP
One of Washington’s leading Africa analysts, Judd Devermont at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, published a short Q&A that reflected on U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent three-nation African tour that ...

Africa’s Largest Bank Makes Donation to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

Africa’s largest bank, South Africa-based Standard Bank, made a $50,000 donation to the COVID-19 relief effort in China. Sim Tshabalala, CEO of Standard Bank South Africa made the donation on Monday during a ceremony with Chinese ...

Black Monday in Johannesburg: The JSE Had One of Its Worst Trading Days in 20 Years Over Mounting COVID-19 Concerns

Share prices on Africa’s leading index, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, plummeted on Monday amid surging investor fear over the economic damage caused by the escalating COVID-19 crisis. 

China Announces Sweeping Ban of Eating and Trading Wildlife

China’s top legislative body, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), announced a sweeping ban on the trade and consumption of wild animals as part of the effort to stem the deadly COVID-19 ...

Tweet of the Day: 2020 is Likely Going to be the Year When the Tiny Kingdom of eSwatini Becomes a Big International Relations Issue

eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland, is not a country that often registers as an important player in major global disputes but from the looks of it that may change in 2020. The Kingdom is now ...

Prices for African Exports to China Fall Precipitously, While the Cost of Chinese Imports Surges

A general view of at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port, an automated cargo wharf, in Shanghai on April 9, 2018. Trade at many Chinese ports has slowed dramatically due to the COVID-19 crisis. Johannes EISELE / AFP
The dramatic economic slowdown underway now in China due to the COVID-19 outbreak is acutely felt now across Africa’s economies in ways both large and small. Given the close economic ties between China and the ...

Rumors, Fear and Panic About COVID-19 Becoming Increasingly Pervasive in Some Rural Communities in Kenya

Exterior of the Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu where several Chinese nationals have been quarantined out of concern they're infected with COVID-19. Photo via Aga Khan Hospital.
Anger and suspicions towards Chinese nationals in rural Kenya, many of who are workers on various infrastructure projects, are rising amid fears they’re infected with the deadly COVID-19 virus. Last week, there were widespread reports ...

With the Help of an Emoji, the Kenyan Government Reaffirms it Will Not Evacuate Students From Wuhan

The spokesperson for the Kenyan government took to Twitter on Friday to make it as clear as possible that the administration will not evacuate students from the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan, China.

African Health Ministers Convene Emergency AU Meeting to Coordinate Responses to COVID-19

African health ministers together with the African Union's Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization convened an emergency meeting on Saturday in Addis Ababa. Photo via Development Reimagined LinkedIn.
The African Union convened an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss a coordinated continental response to the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis. Dozens of health ministers from across Africa were joined by leaders ...

One of Africa’s Largest Telecom Operators Sends Clear Message to the U.S. About Huawei: We’re Going to Use Them for 5G, Now Leave Us Alone

Michael Joseph, the acting CEO of Kenya’s Safaricom, one of Africa’s largest mobile operators, really could not have been more clear about his company decision as to whether or not it plans to use Huawei ...

China’s Ambassador to South Africa: Pompeo Stuck in the Cold War With an “Outdated, Zero-Sum Mentality”

China’s outspoken ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, held a press conference this week that was broadcast live on South African TV from the embassy in Pretoria. The media briefing was presumably intended to provide ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Grappling with African Success

This week saw the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, held in Changsha, the capital of China’s Hunan province. As we’ve covered over the last few years, the city is rapidly emerging as a hub of Africa-China trade. It houses a new cocoa trading facility and is a destination for other African agricultural commodities. As an estimated $16 billion in deals were being signed, African commodities like pepper and butter sold ...

Ethiopia, China and the Future of African Conflict

Ethiopia is giving us a glimpse of a set of dynamics that could come to shape African life in complicated ways. Last week, the Biden administration announced new sanctions aimed at reducing violence in the Tigray region, where conflict between the forces of President Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have caused massive human rights abuses affecting millions. The sanctions will target all sides of the conflict, including Ethiopia’s ...

Our Haunted Moment

Today we’re featuring a fascinating conversation with the Congolese analyst Christian-Geraud Neema Byamungu about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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China, Africa ...

Our Haunted Moment

Today we’re featuring a fascinating conversation with the Congolese analyst Christian-Geraud Neema Byamungu about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Get a daily email packed with the latest
China-Africa news and analysis.
Read exclusive insights on the key trends
shaping China-Africa relations.
Full access to the News Feed that provides daily updates on Chinese engagement in Africa and throughout the Global South.

China, Africa ...

Which Way is West?

One of the fun aspects of the China-Africa Project is that we don’t always agree. The work of pulling in different perspectives means that how we see reality is itself a negotiation, drawing on our different backgrounds. For example, one of the issues where Eric and I diverge is on whether the concept of The West makes any sense.

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The Global Marketplace Versus the Global South

This week The Guardian carried two articles about China’s growing influence in the Pacific Island region. The first, under the headline “Pacific Plunder,” highlights how China imports more wood, fish, and minerals from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and elsewhere than any other major importer.

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Africa-China Nerds, Get Ready!

Today was a landmark day for the China-Africa Project. We got to interview Wu Peng, the Director-General of the Department of African Affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Director-General Wu is China’s most senior official focusing on Africa, and it was a rare privilege to speak with him. We also included questions from several African stakeholders, touching on a wide range of issues from debt to climate change.

Get ...

China’s Tech Lead in Africa Highlights B3W’s Biggest Problem

When Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump, many predicted that Trump’s foreign policy would soon follow him out the door. A few months down the line, it’s become clear that they agreed more frequently than expected even if their styles are very different. One example is their shared hostility towards Chinese technology companies. Trump’s campaign against Chinese companies’ work in third countries has essentially continued unchanged. Only it has ...

Global Leadership Stories

The United States’s hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan revealed the messy space where the discourse about international leadership meets leadership on the ground. Even as many are criticizing the role that various Western fantasies of nation-building/democratization/containment/management have played in the debacle, it’s still unclear what a Western reckoning with these fantasies will look like.

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The Impossibility of Learning from Afghanistan

The story of China in the Global South has always carried a frisson in the West. A large part of that feeling has to do with China’s size, the way it simply doesn’t fit into any of the categories the West uses to classify and understand the non-West.

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China-Africa news and analysis.
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China Loomed Large Over Pompeo’s Africa Tour, Burying His Message About Enhanced U.S. Engagement

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo enters the plane before departing from the Addis Ababa Bole international Airport in Addis Ababa on February 19, 2020, as he travels to Saudi Arabia. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / POOL / AFP
U.S. Secretary of State really seemed like he made a conscientious effort to go out of his to avoid referencing China on his recent three-nation African tour that ended yesterday in Addis Ababa. For years, ...

Outrage, Fury and Sadness Over Yet Another Racist Chinese Video Featuring African Children

Chinese and African vloggers are responding with fury and sadness to the emergence of yet another racist video online that purportedly shows an off-camera Chinese producer instructing African children in an unknown country to say ...

Rumors of an Infected Chinese Worker in Kenya Persist Despite Embassy Denials

The Chinese embassy in Nairobi’s efforts to dispel rumors that a Chinese national infected with COVID-19 bribed his way past health screenings at the airport in Nairobi and made his way to a Sinohydro worksite ...

Public Pressure Mounts on African Governments to do Something About Students Trapped in Wuhan

The plight of Kenya’s students trapped in Wuhan, China is now a regular topic of discussion on primetime TV news programs adding new public pressure on the government to act. Similarly, hashtags like 

China’s Ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, on COVID-19: “There Is No Need to Panic”

China’s outspoken ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, convened a press conference on Tuesday at the embassy in Pretoria to presumably update the media about the ongoing effort to contain the spread of ...

Chinese State Media Acted Like the Pompeo Visit Never Happened

The homepage of Xinhua's African news section had no mention of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Africa tour.
When the U.S. Secretary of State travels abroad, most independent international news outlets consider it worthy of mention in their daily coverage. But not the Chinese state media. There’s not a single news item, not ...

As Demand in China Falls, Vietnam’s Rice Exporters Encouraged to Look to Africa

Vietnam is the world’s third-largest rice exporter behind India and Thailand. Until recently, China was the country’s largest export market but trade disruptions and falling demand due to the ongoing COVID-19 ...

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Chinese Embassy in Kenya Takes to Twitter to Confront Online Rumors

The Chinese embassy in Nairobi is directly confronting an online rumor circulated by Twitter user Robert Alai to his 1.3 million followers that a Chinese worker infected with COVID-19 bribed an immigration officer at Jomo ...

Kenya’s Ambassador to China Issues Emotional Plea on Behalf of Trapped Students in Wuhan

Kenyan ambassador to China Sarah Serem wearing a protectice mask while delivering a video message published on the China Daily's Twitter page.
Kenya’s Ambassador to China, Sarah Serem, issued an emotional statement on behalf of the dozens of Kenyan students who remain trapped in Wuhan, the epicenter of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak: 

It Shouldn’t be a Huge Surprise That China is Not Pleased With Pompeo’s Africa Tour

One of China’s leading English-language newspapers took aim at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his ongoing three-nation African tour. In a sharply worded editorial published on Monday, China Daily described U.S. policy as “demeaning” ...

After Avoiding the Issue in Senegal, China Creeps Back into Pompeo’s Messaging in Angola

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (left), meets with Angolan Foreign Minister, Manuel Domingos Augusto, at the Presidential Palace in Luanda on February 17, 2020. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / POOL / AFP
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up his visit to Angola, the second stop on a three-nation African tour, where he largely stayed on message promoting U.S. business interests and focusing on anti-corruption issues. ...

Mobolaji Adeoye: More Chinese VC Investment is on its Way to Africa in 2020

Mobolaji Adeoye, founder and chief investment officer of Consonance Investment Managers, an Africa-focused early stage and growth investing firm.
Mobolaji Adeoye, founder of Consonance Investment Managers, is a highly-regarded early-stage investor in the African start-up sector and provided his outlook for the year ahead in the VC space that attracted $1.27 billion of venture capital ...

Huawei’s Next Flagship Phone Will be Launched in South Africa Without Key Google Apps

South Africa is going to be an important test market for Huawei with next month’s launch of the P40 Series of mobile phones that will not include Google Mobile Service apps. It’s important to note ...

Chinese Business Community in Namibia Takes Preventive Measures Against COVID-19 Outbreak

The Chinatown merchants association in the Namibian capital Windhoek is posting notices on shuttered storefronts encouraging customers and business owners to stay away from individuals who have returned from China without undergoing the required 14-day ...


China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Fellows Geng Xingshuo, 19, University of Rochester; Yang Zimo, 16, Lee Academy Shanghai; Cheng Yin 16 Tianjin Foreign Language School

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a program which initiatives are creating fresh waves of road, rail, port, and energy investment in countries around the world, ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Fellows Zang Yiming, 15, Beijing National Day School; Fan Xia, 17, Yao Hua High School and Yu Kaidi, 17, Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus

Since March 13, Kenya discovered its first COVID-19 case in Nairobi. Up till March 11, 2021, the cumulative number of confirmed cases ...

Lauren Ashmore,

27, Leiden University, Netherlands

Paraguay, a landlocked country in South America, rarely makes global news headlines. However, images of protesters on the streets of the capital Asunción quickly circulated in international news this month. Protestors were pictured waving their national tricolour flag and holding anti-government posters with slogans such as ‘We are coming for ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Qinnan He, Larrissa Leung, Linyi Xia and Xuewen Zhang (Authors listed alphabetically, this research article has been authored equally).

“I’ll share you a girl’s story. She’s 35 now with 9 children after being forced to marry at 14. Her mom and dad died when she ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

Almost 15 years ago, allegations were beginning to emerge that China influences African elections. The case in point was Zambia. China became a hot campaign issue in Zambia’s 2005 elections. The opposition, led by Michael ‘King Cobra’ Sata, never missed an opportunity to lash out at then incumbent, Patrick Mwanawasa, over ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows He Ye, 17, Shenzhen College of International Education Ruining Liu, 17, Capital Normal University High School, Liangjing Yi, 17, Shude High School Dujiangyan Foreign Language Experimental School and Xia Zhao, 18, Northfield Mount Hermon School

In the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report released by the ...

By China House Fellows Jinhao Bai, Yi Cheng, Jiasui Xie, Ruoyu Yan

“If we want to confront the issue of racism, everyone needs to take their share of responsibility. This ‘everyone’ includes you, me, and all the other individuals living in this planet.“

                                                                                         –A Guinean Student in Guangzhou

Across ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Fellows Andy Zhang, Jie Cang, Ziyu Lin and Yirong Xu

“We don’t want gifts and apologies: We want our dignity…We have fractured this world.” – Kevin, student

“But I thought racism doesn’t exist in China…it wasn’t embarrassing, it was dehumanizing.” – Iris, teacher

Born and raised in ...

China House Student Fellows,

Various Schools, China

By China House Student Fellows Xinjian Lyu, Chenxing Ji, Yuncheng Chi, Shizhen Gu

Guangzhou, one of the most developed cities in China, has become a popular place among foreign immigrants. The majority of immigrants here in Guangzhou are Africans who seek better business opportunities.

According to the data on we-medias, ...

Cries for Help From African Students Stranded in Wuhan Are Growing Louder but Their Governments Are Still Not Going to Bring Them Home

One of the hundreds of African students currently stranded in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak. Photo via Twitter.
While Chinese and African government officials offer regular reassurances that African students stranded in China, particularly in Wuhan, are being well-looked after, those students are now issuing increasingly dire cries for ...

World Bank Chief’s Criticism of AfDB Lending Practices Also Reflects Broader U.S. Anxiety About Chinese Debt in Africa

The African Development Bank headquarters in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Photo via AfDB.
Officials at the African Development Bank (AfDB) are still smarting over last week’s comments by World Bank president David Malpass who accused the AfDB of having “a tendency to lend too ...
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