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Debt Relief Helps But It’s Still Not Enough to Offset the Economic Impact of COVID-19

The Beijing-based consultancy Development Reimagined (DR) released a new data set this week that tracks COVID-19 developments in African countries and their economic impact. Their reports and infographics provide a useful companion to the latest news from the Paris Club that Angola will be granted ...

Is Paying for Fertilizer the Answer To Advancing African Agribusiness? Lessons From China

Agriculture is an important piece of Africa’s development puzzle. Resource-wise, the continent is blessed with 60% of the world’s arable land, yet only 17% of the world population. Dependency-wise, Africa is largely sustained by agriculture, with two-thirds of the population being employed within the ...

Q&A: Measuring the Effectiveness of Chinese Agricultural Assistance in Africa

China has a long history of involvement in agriculture in Africa. As far back as 1959, China offered food grants to Guinea, and especially since the 2007 introduction of China’s “Agriculture Going Out” initiatives – a set of policies that encouraged Chinese agricultural companies to invest in ...

COVID-19: How Can China Help African Countries Have a Stake in the Race for a Vaccine?

Six months after the emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, the global effort to develop appropriate vaccines and treatments is continuing at a pace. The WHO report that there are now 125 candidate vaccines in development, including 10 in clinical evaluation. In recent weeks, there has ...

From the Soil: How One Chinese Village Cut Poverty through… Flowers?

Hannah Ryder, CEO Development Reimagined explores how one village in China, that initially grew just one crop, has cut poverty in just a decade… but will it last? Can the same be done elsewhere? Watch her vlog to find out!

China's Leaders Spend a Lot of Time in Africa, Where They Go May Surprise You

Over the past 10 years Chinese leaders have made 79 official visits to 43 different African countries, according to new data from the Beijing-based consultancy Development Reimagined. Where the senior leadership goes offers some fascinating insights on China's priorities in Africa.
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